Assistant of your digital transformation.

We offer help to deploy IT solutions accessible to small business and independent entrepreneurs.

We share practical experience acquired in the development and deployment of e-commerce and online reservation solutions. We are able to assist you at all stages of your project.

It is easy to contract a provider for a full set up and operation of an e-commerce site but it can be quite costly. Of course, we can help you build a website. But we can also guide you in setting up and running your own site and tools, to empower you in taking advantage of modern digital solutions on your own, and with minimum costs.

We use the best solutions that are truly cost effective.

E-commerce / Click & Collect

Increase your sales

We set up a scalable platform that best adapts to your business.

You manage your customer relationship 100%. You improve your efficiency to focus on the essentials.

Showcase E-commerce

Save your time. Online reservation of your schedule.

Don’t spend time on back and force communication to reserve your appointment and annoying manual billing.

Instead, let your customers book time slots in your calendar online. The solution also enables electronic billing.

We can help you set up an online reservation solutions with / without payment transactions.

Showcase Booking

Acquire new customers

Your product/service is a pearl, but do all your potential customers find it?

Increase your visibility in the Internet, to let all your customers to finally find you.

We can help set up and run SEO & digital media tools.

Our pricing

You have the option of selecting an hourly rate billing in 30-minute increments, or the option of working with us on the basis of fixed fees.

We are open to finding a flexible solution that fits you.


A l’heure

CHF/€ 150

  • Setup website
  • Web application configuration
  • Coaching
  • UX / Design
  • Teaching
  • Accounting transaction reconciliation
  • Support


Forfait à partir de

CHF/€ 1500

  • Marketing website
  • Multilanguage
  • E-commerce / Click and collect
  • Booking
  • Custom functionality
  • With/without hosting
  • Support 


The evolution of our society shows an ever growing need for the digital channel. Our goal is to make relatively simple and effective tools accessible. You will quickly be autonomous in the management of your digital transformation..


Our solutions allow you to find a solution adapted to your needs.


Our expertise is here to assist you in online sale of services and goods. The advantage of an open-source solutions we work with is the ability to customise them for your project and reduce unnecessary development costs.